Our Experienced and Dedicated Team

Supervisors and Office Staff

Our supervision and office staff is comprised of a group of key employees who have consistently worked together for several years. Our success maintains decades of experience working in the industry, to meet and exceed client and company requirements and safety specifications with respect to the environment.

Luke Bruns

Bill Bruns

James Mallon

Luke Schwartz, P.E. (MN), C.W.I.

Levi Novacek

Project Manager /
Welding Superintendent

(701) 367-1803


Darwin Steinbrecher

Tom Hughs

Tim Cooper

Boilermaker Superintendent

(763) 482-0806


Jason Mallon

Sheri Mallon

Mindy Kleeb

Office Manager / Mechanical

(218) 467-9353


Brad Reano

Director Sales & Marketing

(407) 399-8990