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Proud to be a
Family Owned Union Company

At Northern Horizons Pipeline, we believe that success in the construction of gas and oil pipelines can only be achieved by being proactive in protecting the environment and adhering to strict safety standards. We are proud to provide our clients with reliable, professional service where we specialize in meeting their requirements and deadlines. While our commitment to growth is firmly linked to our devotion to our employee’s safety and health, job security and welfare, our strength emanates from our strong and close relationships with our clients. This is achieved by having upper management that demands competence. Company loyalty and management capability allows us to focus on quality work in a safe environment.

To provide reliable, professional service to our clients by maintaining safety and environmental conservation, while having the ability and commitment to achieve and surpass our clients’ goals.

Team Construction Experience

Our team has earned consistent praise for the quality and quantity of work performed in challenging environmentally-sensitive areas in all facets of the industry. Our extensive experience includes successful completion of multi-million dollar projects through coordinating projects, developing partnerships and building positive rapport with engineers, inspection, gas company clients, local vendors and local officials. Our MOD rating meets industry standards.

Areas of Expertise Include:


Our team’s construction experience’s specialty is mainline cross-country pipeline construction where safety and protection of the environment are our number one goal and priority.


Over 127 miles of Hydrotest of an existing 24” line for a major gas company. The pipeline was batch cleaned with soap, then hydrotested to find 14 failures. Our response time to get the failures fixed and the pipeline back on test was within 24 hours. Upon completion of the hydrotest, we dried the pipeline to -40* to get the gas company’s product flowing on schedule.


Experience running smart pigs, being fully aware of the speed they need to travel to get accurate readings, and the care that needs to be taken while receiving them.


Experienced pipe-side foremen and supervisors oversee the welding, coating, installation, pretest, post-test, and drying the pipeline to negative dew-points with both air and nitrogen. Our longest HDD is 4800’.


Twelve consecutive years working with several major pipeline contractors; our extensive experience includes interstate, railroad, and stream boring using the conventional-track method and also air hammer. With safety being our priority, we work with trench boxes and other types of shoring to provide a safe work environment.


Building smaller border stations, our experience includes everything from the concrete installation and erection of the buildings, to the construction of major compressor stations. Our Mechanical Division specializes in this.


Additional experience working in the inner-city on narrow ROW’s includes attention to existing powerline ROW’s and working in the street. Instruction is demonstrated to give the understanding of the importance of maintaining safety with traffic control. We have vast experience working around utilities and in using the soft dig system.


Our team’s capabilities with take-up and relay of pipe are consistent with fortifying and protecting the integrity of the pipe and the environment in the process.


We have our own Fab shop (16,000 sq ft) with Sub-Arc. Included in our Mechanical Division is a large paint shop (5,000 sq ft). Our capabilities include sand blasting, painting and hydrotest.